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Turn-Key from Foundation
to Ceiling

Let’s make your projects and dreams come true together. We are here to use all our knowledge, experience & experience for you.


Construction &




Excavation &
Construction Machinery


What can we do better by keeping our honest, transparent and reliable communication that we have established in order to meet the needs of our customers in the best way in the projects we do or will do? To develop, manage and manage projects in the region that meets the needs at the most ideal level, designed with different concepts that bring sustainable standards to the society, the environment and the economy and bring maximum value to the society, environment and economy. is to deliver.

Turn-Key From Foundation to Ceiling
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Let’s Prepare Your Projects in Line with Your Requests 

With our extensive and expert project department, we prepare and realize projects in line with the wishes and dreams of our valued customers. Our team, which we hold within our structure, completes the project with the measurement, design, static calculation and order, and presents them to your approval and eventually become your solution partner in realizing your dreams.

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Our company, which adopts the highest level of quality understanding and aims for a superior engineering work in all projects, from every project to the turnkey process, serves in construction and infrastructure services. By integrating construction and infrastructure works, which have an important place especially in terms of economic growth and development, with the importance we attach to advancing technology and the environment.

Moving to an important point is one of the basic principles of our company.

You Imagine, We Realize.
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With the mold material we have in our body more than 10.000m2, our company, which has the mission of Foundation-to-ceiling Turnkey policy, serves with our qualified work team.

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With our construction scaffolding inventory of more than 50,000 m2, we continue our works with our expert team in all our works during installation, safe use and subsequent dismantling, and we offer quality service to our valued customers.

Everything in the name of Steel Construction.


We have 32 Excavation Trucks, 17 Mobile cranes and 30 Construction machines in our structure. We aim to provide quality service by helping to meet the needs of our customers with durable and safe equipment.

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Excavation Truck
Mobile Crane
Construction Equipment
m2 Working Scaffold
m2 Infrastructure Material